6 Songs To Listen When You Feel Happy

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6 Songs To Listen When You Feel Happy

When people are happy, there are some songs they listen to to make them feel more enjoyable. Here, we gathered the songs that people should listen to when they were happy. Here are 6 Songs To Listen When You Feel Happy

1)Troye Sivan-Dance to This

This wonderful song, performed by the artist with Ariana Grande, is composed for relaxation during pleasant times. He also states that there is not much reason to be happy with the sentences he includes. The harmony of sounds is admirable.

2)Nil Karaibrahimgil-Cake(Kek)

In this song, where many people are making fun, they have very deep meanings. Although a woman has been deceived, she cannot resist her love and tells this in her song. For this reason, it is the kind of people who can love and listen to those who cannot give up.

3)Bryan Adams-Everythig I Do

Think about that you are listening this song with your lover. It is really have emotion words but tells us to know value of love.


This song describes the love for Havana, the capital of Cuba. At the same time the melodies and the chorus of the song are very impressive.

5)Şebnem Ferah-Morning Lover(Günaydın Sevgilim)

Good morning lover  is a very ideal song to start a beautiful morning thanks to the fact that it is a moving song.

6)Sertab Erener-Everyway that I can

This song bring happiness when you listen it also İt is the winner song for Turkey in Eurovision Song Contest.

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