Celebrities with The Same Age

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Celebrities with The Same Age

Celebrities with The Same Age, You will be surprised to hear that these celebrities are the same age. Here are the famous names of different ages with the same appearance.

Although they are same age, they are looking different from each other’s.

1)Lorde-Kylie Jenner

These women both 20 ages but Lorde what a pity to say looking older than Kylie Jenner.

2)Cara Delevingne-Kate Upton

Celebrities with The Same Age

Time couldn’t give the same chance every people. These women in their 25 but not looking the same.

3)Taylor Swift-Adele

It is fully clear to see  Taylor Swift is younger than Adele. Both are 27 ages.

4)Chris Evans-Elijah Wood

Celebrities with The Same Age

They are both incredible handsome but maybe Elijah Wood is looking older a little bit than Chris Evans. They are 36 ages.

5)Mayim Bialik-Angeline Jolie

Mayim Bialik is great perfomancer in BBT and Angeline Jolie is crazy beautiful. They are both 42 ages. I think Mayim Bialik is looking older than her because of her style.

6)Dwayne Johnson-Jared Leto

Their appearance wholly different from each other. I couldn’t believe they are 45 but  because of his baby face Jared Leto is looking younger than Dwayne Johnson.

7)Halle Berry-Robin Wright

These women’s styles are fully the same but Robin Wright happy with her wrinkles so Halle Berry is lucky than her. They are both 51 ages.

8)Keanu Reeves-Nicolas Cage

Celebrities with The Same Age

When you hear that Keanu Reeves is 53 years old you will be shock. Nicolas Cage is also 53 years old but Keanu Reeves is looking really different than him.

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