Enough to Look at Graffiti Just Want to Laugh

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Enough to Look at Graffiti Just Want to Laugh

Enough to Look at Graffiti Just Want to Laugh, The street walls where we reflect our love, emotion, rebellion. There are some graffiti that it is impossible to stop smiling or even laugh when reading. We are gathering from Street Movement and entertaining you for a little bit of fun and writing funny graffiti that will let you forget your troubles.
The guys who wrote these, we love you.
1) Is it a curse?
(When you are taking a shower, hope you touch always cold tiles.)
2) Science is Important

(If we do not fly, just we respect Newton.)
3) Leave your darling?
(If you have broken heart, it is good!)
4) OH! You are so exclusive!
(You are cannot meet a guy like me in New York Street.)
5) Just say something to ex-lover.
(You are looking like Angelina Jolie, when I wear my jar bottom glasses.)
6) Warning!
(If you put your rubbish here, God damn you!)
7) Drink Too Much!
(Everything is turning, just the world not. Why?)
8) Pray to God!
(My God, my dear God, please tell my teacher about my love.)
9) Important to do sport
(You are my exercise bike, turning and turning.)
10) I do!
(Please, Aliens do housework’s!)
11) My Fashion Trends Maybe This One.
(Just wear anything you do not like, any clothes do not suits you.)
12) What! Enrique Iglesias Lyrics!

(I do not know why love to see you cry.)
13) Vegetarians Angry About It
(Just eat meat want to looking fit!)

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