Expectation Vs Reality – 23 Photos

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Expectation Vs Reality – 23 Photos

Expectation Vs Reality, We like to be in different places, we like the outfit we see. But sometimes we see in the advertising posters, or we may not be what we dreamed, and we found out what was actually and imagined for you through social media.

1-Being on the beach? Or to be in a messy room? I think the seaside can be good.

2- Looks good, but it’s not for you. :(

3-Dude, you look like a priest.

4-Come on, it’s not that bad.

5- The dream world and the world in reality

Expectation Vs Reality – 23 Photos

6- Sometimes we can’t be so cool.

Expectation Vs Reality

7-I’m trying to keep up with the new fashion

Expectation Vs Reality

8-Loss of order on the Internet

Expectation Vs Reality

9-Yours is not so bad

10- Is this really the same?

11-Enjoy your meal. ?

12- At least they tried.

13-You look innocent, not scary.

Expectation Vs Reality

14-Really this is a scam 🙁

Expectation Vs Reality

15- I wish everything was as we thought.

16-At least it works.

Expectation Vs Reality

17-Can be corrected with a little work.

18-The only resembling aspect is that it has the same color.

19- I’m sorry you had a bad day.

20- It may not be what we expected.

Expectation Vs Reality

21- I hope it’s not permanent.

22-Lovely smile cute dude.

23-You should be careful, too much.

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