Oscar of the Game World Found Their Owners

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Oscar of the Game World Found Their Owners

Oscar of the Game World, Turkey brought popular game publishers together! The Stars of the Game, organized by INTEL and ESL, found their winners. Stylish and beautiful publishers attracted attention all over the night!

Twitch publisher, Youtuber and e-sportsmen all we know the names but so far we were unrecognized the red carpet with the elegance of the game as much as we were surprised.

Here are the unforgettable moments of the Stars of the Game Award Ceremony 

What Happened in This Night? Who Won Awards?
For the first time, the excitement of publishers who attended such an award ceremony was read from their faces. Raised laughter from time to time in the fun videos on the screen.

Kemal Can called The Musician of Him Bright, Sukru  called Uthenera, Senturk and Ferit called Wtcn also BossLayf team consisting of the trio of Karakaya was one of the prominent names of the night.
In the award ceremony, the astonishment as well as the joy was reflected on the cameras.Volkan Yıldız called Grimnax who won award couldn’t hide his shock and emotional face.
In addition to the viewers who filled the hall overnight, close to 40 thousand viewers watched the night live at the beginning of the screen and became a partner of the audience.
What was the Other Important Notes from the Night?
Yıldızların isimleri, alınan ödüller, yüzdeki mutluluklar, ödülü kaçırmanın üzüntüleri, kazanılan yeni dostluklar ve elbette konukların zarafeti ve saygınlığı en çok konuşulanlardan biri olarak hatırlanacak. gece oyun dünyası olayları.

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