Weird Excuses To Leave From Darling

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Weird Excuses To Leave From Darling

Weird Excuses to Leave from Darling In life, sometimes it is necessary to have a break-up talk, and this is very difficult for some. We also searched that when separated from lover, Weird Excuses are usually made? Weird Excuses To Leave From Darling, We’ve compiled it for you, but I hope you can’t use it.

1) You’re not the problem. I am problem. Yes, I’m having trouble to find smart lovers.

Congratulations! You will no longer be able to return when you have left your lover with the perfect excuse.

2) Say I love you by looking into your lover’s eyes. When he says back I love you, too create a shock by saying let’s leave.

That’s a really interesting excuse! I don’t think you should.

3) Saying that You deserve better and I am also, confused your lover, taking advantage of the opportunity to leave on the spot.

Really classic words. It should be more creative next time.
4) Let’s take a break from our relationship, in the meantime, let’s talk to others, let them be lovers with them, and marry them.
If you think your lover believe that, you can try.
5) Women in the case of separation more affected than men, do you want to test?

If he says okay, he really wants to leave! That’s my opinion.
6) We’re hurting each other, we have to leave. Let’s hurt others a little.
Wondering that who said this excuse? Man or woman?
7) We are from different world. We are not the same character.
It is impossible to have the same different character features. Please try another ones.

8) I realized that I was not ready for long-term relationships.

Really? Why didn’t you tell me before? I didn’t want to get married.

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