What is Looney Tunes?The Most Favourite Looney Tunes Characters

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What is Looney Tunes? The Most Favourite Looney Tunes Characters

Looney Tunes Characters, is known as the cartoon generation with many cartoon characters for 1990 and before.Those who were born in the 90’s know well. As soon as we got up in the morning,we were opening TV for watching cartoons,especially Looney Tunes.We here say information about lovely Looney Tunes characters. Maybe you can forget some but when you see you can remember old times.

So Funny Looney Tunes Characters

1) Bugs Bunny

Rabbit Bugs Bunny is one of the most popular Looney Tunes characters. It is enough to describe Bugs Bunny with carrot in hand and the question “How is it going?” Bugs Bunny every time wins the fight between Elmer Fudd, Duffy Duck or Yosemite Sam.

2) Duffy Duck

Daffy Duck also referred to as Ducky Duck or Duck Duffy; he is a comic character who manages to endear himself to the viewer even though he has insidious ideas and openness.


Sylvester is a male cat of the genus Tuxedo. Created by Friz Freeleng and possesses a clever personality, Sylvester meets the audience in 1945 in America. Between 1945 and 1947, Sylvester took a part in the cartoons alone. From the year 1947, the yellow canary Tweety begins to appear with Sylvester.


What is Looney Tunes? The Most Favourite Looney Tunes Characters

Tweety is the hairless kitten canary created by Bob Clampett in 1942 under the name of Orson. He is re-arranged by Sylvester’s creator Friz Freeleng and brought before Sylvester. Sylvester’s aim is to catch Tweety and eat.

5)Tasmanian Devil

It is the imaginary cartoon character created by Robert McKimson. Known as Tasmanian Devil or Taz, is one of the most popular. The character is so loved that a line of Taz-Mania called Taz and his family are even made.

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